About GovPlus

We are a team of experts building goverment specific tools, to help governments streamline their workflows and deliver services more effectively.


We know how to build websites that are responsive, accessible & multilingual. From collaborative intranets, to public multisites, to custom mobile & tablet applications. We can help bring governance and help the adoption process.

Our Team

Our highly qualified and versatile team have years of experience strategizing, designing, developing, deploying and managing government and enterprise grade solutions. Our team works close with our clients to ensure a sustainable platform.

Project Experience

We have been working on projects for all three level of Government. We have built Goverment Intranets, custom applications and public websites; all of which meet the highest goverment standards.

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  • Global Government
  • Federal Government of Canada
  • Provincial Government
  • Municipalities
  • HealthCare Intranets