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It's more than giving users good tools, it's about letting people engage and be more effective and relevant in their roles. It keeps everyone more productive and happier.

Make govlife better.

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Built on an OPEN architecture, critical mass adoption is on your side, No unsustainable user seat costs, no vendor lock-ins and exceeds all Government standards.

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We manage and maintain it. We host it in the cloud if you want or on-premise if you need, protecting your equity, and giving you options. How awesome are we?

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We provide Government Digital Workplace Intranets as a managed solution. Built on Drupal/WxT, we provision many extendable turnkey applications, with great documentation and training.

Run instantly in the cloud, or on-premise, you decide.
We fully manage and maintain it with 24/7 concierge support.

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GovPlus Intranet Apps

Government-Standards compliant intranet apps, yum!

Whether you're a smaller municipality, a large province or state, or a federal government, we provide unmatched value in being able to provision turn-key applications which meet the Government of Canada standards.

You get the goodness of great common applications without the costly energy needed to build them or prevent false starts. Every app is fully customizable and extendable as it is built on Drupal. We instantly meet Accessibility standards, multilingual support with language packs in a beautiful responsive mobile package that has rigorous cross-browser testing and high security enhancements that pass federal Threat Risk Assessments.

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A solution with an approach that matters.

How do we do it?

We use Drupal as a core platform. This instantly gives us the equity of millions of installations and access to a large, vibrant global community of users, developers and enthusists.

We also leverage the WxT initiative that demonstrates a proven Drupal track record for standards and addresses many technology factors critical to government and public sectors: multi-brwoser and device support, HTML5/CSS3 validated while adhering to WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 for accessibility.

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A few Drupal Intranets and Portals: University of Ottawa,, Health Canada, National Research Council, CIHR and many others. Drupal runs sites like,,, and countless city municipal sites and non-governmental organizations in the public sector.

  • The Largest Open Source Project in the World.
  • Just under 1,000,000 people strong.
  • Most Widely Deployed Enterprise CMS in the Market.
  • Presence 1,500,000 + sites.
  • From 228 countries in 181 Languages
  • With 20,000+ modules.
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As a user, Karl likes having a home page where he can see his personalized content to keep him productive and focused. He knows he can further personalize the dashbaord to suit his changing needs as his roles and responsibilities evolve, from following key pages, topics, and people to commenting to help improve areas of content. He easily finds relevant content through the sophisticated search and can post his activities and update his tasks for everyone to see.


As a department manager, Jane likes that she can directly contribute and post policies and FAQs, add and update her departmental wiki pages, all without needing to be a web publishing expert. She appreciates the fact that anything she or her team produces meets Accessibility and language requirements without any extra intervention. If she forgets, she has access to a host of self-help videos to help her navigate through the task she needs to complete.


As the Intranet manager, Henry is responsible for the whole enchilada. He's only happy when his users are happy and he ensures this by building and contributing on more comprehensive sections and assisting in key landing page development. He sees all content stages from others and all collaboration activity where he can intervene where needed. He runs common system tasks and accesses health logs as well as runs reports which let him know that everything is running smoothly and that all his users are happy. This is why Henry is happy.

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  • Global Government
  • Federal Government of Canada
  • Provincial Government
  • Municipalities
  • HealthCare Intranets